Monday, July 5, 2010

Sneak Peek : One of Giveaway Prizes!

As you have read our main blog, you are definitely curious on what's inside these cute boxes!
Right! Right! :)
This is sponsored by us, by the way. :D
Tadaa! Ooooh!
Don't you loves this?

Dramatic celebrity-inspired false eyelashes! :D
Don't you guys just loves this!!
Oh, and there's more, we will be revealing the surprise prize on the other side. ;)
Excited, aren't we!
Stay tuned for more!
(Oh, and this is for the first and second prize winners. We will decide on the third one. Maybe the third prize winner will get this goodie too! Oh, and one more thing, this is not the only item in the giveaway prize contest, there's MORE and MORE!)

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