Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pre-Giveaway SURPRISE : How to Blog About The Giveaway

Hello darlings!
We have decided to show you an example on how to blog regarding the giveaway contest.
(don't miss this as this is a pre-giveaway contest AND there will be fab goodies for you guys!)

Example of a pre-giveaway contest entry :
(we want you to blog about the giveaway contest we're having on the 30th of July)

" Hello everyone!
Today's a great day as I have great news!
The people from Shop Like A Celebrity! will be hosting a giveaway in conjunction with their 1st and a half anniversary and I can't wait to win fab goodies!
I heard there will be lots of prizes galore, sponsored by cool blogshops like Syiok Sendiri Sisters, Beetch and I Heart This!
There will be pretty clothes, hot make up items and cool accessories to be won!
There will be three winners; and I hope I'm one of them! ;)
So head away to Shop Like A Celebrity! this 30th July to win yourselves some fab goodies from them and the three fab sponsors!

Yes, simple yet informative. We loves!
We will then need your comments. The blogposts with the most number of comments wins!
Three winners in total, and they will win mystery gifts from us and the Syiok Sendiri Sisters!
So what are you waiting for?
Participate now!
(You need a blog account to participate!)

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