Monday, July 19, 2010

Pre-Giveaway SURPRISE :D

Yes! This is a pre-giveaway contest!
Part 1 out of the 2 parts of the giveaway contest! :)
This contest runs from TODAY (19th July) til the 29th July. So exciting can!
To participate, just blog about this giveaway contest in your blog and SPREAD THE WORD!
Anyone can participate!

Some terms and conditions :
1. One entry per person.
2. Winners will be chosen based on number of votes gained. And by votes, we meant comments. Eg., Take ten girls, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J, for example. The ten of them decided to participate in this contest. So they decided to blog about it in their respective blogs.
On the 29th July, 12:00PM, the number of comments on the posts A - J posted on the giveaway is :
A - 30 comments
B - 50 comments
C - 50 comments
D - 20 comments
E - 100 comments
F - 40 comments
G - 45 comments
H - 23 comments
I - 10 comments
J - 50 comments

So, one of the lucky three picked will be E. As for the second and third winners, notice that B, C and J are a tie. Three of them gained 50 comments. So, we will select the remaining lucky two (either B, C or J) at random! :)
3. Do not create multiple accounts to participate in this giveaway.
4. You can still join the real giveaway (PART 2) even if you have participated in this pre-giveaway.
5. You must be a follower to this blog! :)
{link :}

Steps in participating :
1. Blog about the giveaway.
(Details ; SEARCH HERE.)
2. Inform your friends about the giveaway.
Ask them to vote for you by commenting on the post!
More comments, more chances of winning!
Your friends can participate in this too and the real giveaway.
3. Email us/leave a comment on this post with the link of the post you guys blogged about regarding our giveaway. OR email us at with the title :
Pre-Giveaway. I'm IN!
and the link to your blogpost on the giveaway.
Do include your name in the email/comment.
4. You are done! Expect more and more comments from friends/relatives.
On the result day (29th July), we will announce the winners of this pre-giveaway through email and our main blog, Shop Like A Celebrity!

What's in for the pre-giveaway?
Its a surprise!

Three lucky winners will win mystery gifts sponsored by Syiok Sendiri Sisters and us!
So what are you waiting for?!
Participate NOW!

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