Saturday, July 10, 2010

FAQ : How To Sponsor Vouchers :)

(this is for blogshop owners/sponsors ONLY)
To sponsor vouchers, you can pick two options :
1. Using the usual method by printing the vouchers out.
You can design your own vouchers, send them to us (do include the expiry date of the voucher) through mail so that we can include them with the rest of the winners' prizes.
2. E-Vouchers
Yes, if you feel like hugging a tree (like us!), do hop on with this method!
Its simple ; you can email us your e-voucher codes (make sure you do different codes for different vouchers. To make sure the vouchers are used once.)
Then, we will email the lucky winners with the e-voucher codes to use! ;)
Cool, huh?
For further inquiries, email us at NOW!

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