Friday, July 30, 2010

Giveaway TIPS : How to Collect Points!

Here are some useful tips that will gain you some points :
- Pictures (1 point PER picture)
- Creativity ( points given depending on creativity)
- Comments (IMPORTANT!) (1 comment, whether its in Youtube entry or blog entry, from anyone, will gain you 1 point! So 1 comment, 1 point. 20 comments, 20 points, and the list goes on and on!) (SO ask your friends to VOTE for you!)
- Originality (points given depending on us)

That's all folks!
Good luck!

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

- This giveaway is held in conjunction of our first and a half anniversary.
- One entry per person ONLY.
- This giveaway starts on the 30th July and ends on the 14th August 2010.
- Anyone can participate in the giveaway.
- Entries submitted after the dateline (14th August) will be disqualified.
- Three winners will be picked in this giveaway.
- Original entries only.
- Link of all entries must be emailed to us at with your name. (real name please!)
That's all, thank you!

Giveaway TONIGHT!

Girls, and boys (YES, boys! You can participate for your girlfriend too!)
Stay tuned tonight 12 AM or REGRET IT! ;)
Fabulous prizes to be won!
You guys won't wanna miss this!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sneak Peek : Clothes!

Be here, tomorrow!
For more surprises brought to you by Beetch!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pre-Giveaway SURPRISE : How to Blog About The Giveaway

Hello darlings!
We have decided to show you an example on how to blog regarding the giveaway contest.
(don't miss this as this is a pre-giveaway contest AND there will be fab goodies for you guys!)

Example of a pre-giveaway contest entry :
(we want you to blog about the giveaway contest we're having on the 30th of July)

" Hello everyone!
Today's a great day as I have great news!
The people from Shop Like A Celebrity! will be hosting a giveaway in conjunction with their 1st and a half anniversary and I can't wait to win fab goodies!
I heard there will be lots of prizes galore, sponsored by cool blogshops like Syiok Sendiri Sisters, Beetch and I Heart This!
There will be pretty clothes, hot make up items and cool accessories to be won!
There will be three winners; and I hope I'm one of them! ;)
So head away to Shop Like A Celebrity! this 30th July to win yourselves some fab goodies from them and the three fab sponsors!

Yes, simple yet informative. We loves!
We will then need your comments. The blogposts with the most number of comments wins!
Three winners in total, and they will win mystery gifts from us and the Syiok Sendiri Sisters!
So what are you waiting for?
Participate now!
(You need a blog account to participate!)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pre-Giveaway SURPRISE :D

Yes! This is a pre-giveaway contest!
Part 1 out of the 2 parts of the giveaway contest! :)
This contest runs from TODAY (19th July) til the 29th July. So exciting can!
To participate, just blog about this giveaway contest in your blog and SPREAD THE WORD!
Anyone can participate!

Some terms and conditions :
1. One entry per person.
2. Winners will be chosen based on number of votes gained. And by votes, we meant comments. Eg., Take ten girls, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J, for example. The ten of them decided to participate in this contest. So they decided to blog about it in their respective blogs.
On the 29th July, 12:00PM, the number of comments on the posts A - J posted on the giveaway is :
A - 30 comments
B - 50 comments
C - 50 comments
D - 20 comments
E - 100 comments
F - 40 comments
G - 45 comments
H - 23 comments
I - 10 comments
J - 50 comments

So, one of the lucky three picked will be E. As for the second and third winners, notice that B, C and J are a tie. Three of them gained 50 comments. So, we will select the remaining lucky two (either B, C or J) at random! :)
3. Do not create multiple accounts to participate in this giveaway.
4. You can still join the real giveaway (PART 2) even if you have participated in this pre-giveaway.
5. You must be a follower to this blog! :)
{link :}

Steps in participating :
1. Blog about the giveaway.
(Details ; SEARCH HERE.)
2. Inform your friends about the giveaway.
Ask them to vote for you by commenting on the post!
More comments, more chances of winning!
Your friends can participate in this too and the real giveaway.
3. Email us/leave a comment on this post with the link of the post you guys blogged about regarding our giveaway. OR email us at with the title :
Pre-Giveaway. I'm IN!
and the link to your blogpost on the giveaway.
Do include your name in the email/comment.
4. You are done! Expect more and more comments from friends/relatives.
On the result day (29th July), we will announce the winners of this pre-giveaway through email and our main blog, Shop Like A Celebrity!

What's in for the pre-giveaway?
Its a surprise!

Three lucky winners will win mystery gifts sponsored by Syiok Sendiri Sisters and us!
So what are you waiting for?!
Participate NOW!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something For You Guys :D

We will be doing a little something tomorrow morning;
so do check here or here tomorrow morning for some bits of happiness!
And trust me,
You guys would not regret it!
Come back here tomorrow morning and see what's going on!
Have a great day you peeps!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sneak Peek : Some Fab Goodies From Syiok Sendiri Sisters!

We received an amazing package from Syiok Sendiri Sisters today! :)
And yes, they consist of your giveaway prizes ; sponsored by the wonderful peeps from Syiok Sendiri Sisters! :D
They are really generous and man, they loves you guys! They are sponsoring items worth more than RM100++!!
So, drumroll please..
Here are some of the cool items they are sponsoring for the giveaway :
(1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners)

This cool diamante bracelet worth RM14!
(Totally glam for galas, etc!)

This really really really cute teddy bears bracelet!
Worth RM15!
(Perfect accessory for college/casual outings/ etc!)
This oh-so-cute and awesome rainy days earrings (2 pairs!)
Was thinking of giving the first pair to the 1st prize winner, the second pair to the 2nd prize winner. What do you think?
Comment below if you prefer these in a set of 2 pairs of separated into one pair each for the 1st and 2nd prize winners!
Worth RM12! :D
Lastly, these cool handmade hairpins made specially by Flie of SSS! :D
So pretty can! :)

We're now planning to divide the sponsored items for the 1st prize, 2nd and 3rd prize winners so will be taking more piccies of them soon!
Thank you so much once again, Syiok Sendiri Sisters!
You guys rock!
(NOTE : These items are only 1/4 of the items sponsored by them for the giveaway! You gotta stay tuned for MORE!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tip #2 : Express Yourself Through Pictures

Yes, we agree with this quote,

"Let the pictures do the talking!"

If you are not the essay type of person, as in you don't enjoy writing or typing, (you prefer expressing yourself through pictures) do prepare a camera/camera phone (make sure its clear) of good quality and BE CREATIVE! ;)
We enjoy looking at pictures too!
Another tip from us!

Tip #1 : Youtube and Blogger Accounts

Yes, this is the #1 Tip. It was given earlier! :)
And like we said, its either a blog account OR a Youtube account!
If you are owning a blog account (eg. Blogspot, OnSugar, etc), do follow this blog/ our main blog! That will gain you points for the win! ;)
Stay tuned for the next tip!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

FAQ : How To Sponsor Lenses

We received an email from one blogshop owner the other day inquiring on how to sponsor contact lenses. Well, you can! :)
In order to sponsor contact lenses, do remember to print a voucher with a code so that the winners will redeem the contacts using the code given in the vouchers!
For example, "FREE ONE PAIR OF GEO ANGEL in BLUE. To redeem, provide us with your details OR use this code FVOU2" or something. Lols.
Hope it helps! For further inquiries, do email us!

FAQ : How To Sponsor Vouchers :)

(this is for blogshop owners/sponsors ONLY)
To sponsor vouchers, you can pick two options :
1. Using the usual method by printing the vouchers out.
You can design your own vouchers, send them to us (do include the expiry date of the voucher) through mail so that we can include them with the rest of the winners' prizes.
2. E-Vouchers
Yes, if you feel like hugging a tree (like us!), do hop on with this method!
Its simple ; you can email us your e-voucher codes (make sure you do different codes for different vouchers. To make sure the vouchers are used once.)
Then, we will email the lucky winners with the e-voucher codes to use! ;)
Cool, huh?
For further inquiries, email us at NOW!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Tip That MIGHT Help ;)

Lols. Yes, we're now giving away some tips. One tip you might want to use during this giveaway is :
Yes, YOUTUBE. You might want a camcorder or something that helps!
Its either a youtube account or a blog account.
If you already have a youtube or a blog account, even better! ;)
So, that's all for the tip of today.
Will update with more tips soon!
So quick, register an account with Youtube or any blog hosts NOW!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sneak Peek : One of Giveaway Prizes!

As you have read our main blog, you are definitely curious on what's inside these cute boxes!
Right! Right! :)
This is sponsored by us, by the way. :D
Tadaa! Ooooh!
Don't you loves this?

Dramatic celebrity-inspired false eyelashes! :D
Don't you guys just loves this!!
Oh, and there's more, we will be revealing the surprise prize on the other side. ;)
Excited, aren't we!
Stay tuned for more!
(Oh, and this is for the first and second prize winners. We will decide on the third one. Maybe the third prize winner will get this goodie too! Oh, and one more thing, this is not the only item in the giveaway prize contest, there's MORE and MORE!)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Official Sponsors : Syiok Sendiri Sisters and Beetch!

Woohoo! They really made our day! :D
Thank you Syiok Sendiri Sisters and Beetch for offering to sponsor some items for the giveaway! You guys are the best!

FAQs (for Sponsors)

1. When does this giveaway start? And when does it end?
Ans : It starts on the 31st of July 2010. Ends 20 days later. :)
2. What kind of items are eligible for the sponsorship thing?
Ans : You can sponsor any item as long as they are brand new and clean. Electrical items are not advisable though. You can sponsor clothes, make up, skincare, accessories, etc. :)
3. What are the benefits in being an official sponsor for this giveaway?
Ans : Email us! :)
4. What are the requirements in becoming a sponsor?
Ans : You have to give us your banner (with link on it; as in its clickable. Lols.)

For more, email us at Thanks!

Anniversary Giveaway!

As you guys know, we are currently planning on our Anniversary giveaway!
The giveaway contest will be held on the 31st of July, end of the month! ;)
The contest will run for 20 days. :)
We will inform you more info when the day draws near! So do mark your calendar babes!
We have exciting prizes to give away.
The reason for this giveaway is to show you guys how much we appreciate you guys! :D Thank you so much, peeps! Without you guys, we would not be updating til today. :)
We are still seeking for sponsors. For FAQs (for sponsors), do check this blog for the post soon. Or you can email us at
We will be sponsoring some stuffs for the giveaway too! :D
So, yes, do prepare yourselves k!
Ooooh, a tiny note for you guys, to participate in the giveaway, if you do not own a blog, start creating one now! One of the requirements in this giveaway contest! Loves!

Ahoy! :)

Hello dears!
This is the blog we have created for our giveaway event! (and hopefully, MORE giveaways to come!) This blog will be the blog where you guys get infos and stuffs. Like, FAQs, how to participate, all that kind of info. :)
Also, we update this blog with tips and hints for the giveaway. ;)
Currently, we are getting a few sponsors. (YES!) Really happy about it. Thank you for making our day!
So, stay tuned girls!
Us at Shop Like A Celebrity!